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Using promises to return geopositioning data from an angular service

08 Aug 2013

Due to an issue with the way angular handles dom changes, there is an interesting problem when attempting to send a position object from an angular service using a deferred promise. If you treated the geolocation API as an asynchronous function—which it is in practice—and used the $q service to return a deferred promise from an angular service, nothing will happen when you enact the .then() method in your controller.

If one were to use the geolocation functions within a controller, and is not intending to use the callback directly to handle the returned information – which in my opinion is the right way to do it – one must use the $apply method, which is a method within the $scope service, to let angular know that the information has actually been retrieved from the API.

However, since you can not use $scope within a service, you must use $rootScope instead, then use $apply from that.


        function(position) {