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Using promises to return geopositioning data from an angular service

08 Aug 2013

Due to an issue with the way angular handles dom changes, there is an interesting problem when attempting to send a position object from an angular service using a deferred promise. If you treated the geolocation API as an asynchronous function—which it is in practice—and used the $q service to return a deferred promise from an angular service, nothing will happen when you enact the .then() method in your controller.

Ostosnero development blog 01

28 Nov 2012

utf-8 encoding and drama

After many hours of trouble, I have finally figured out the issue with encoding using UTF-8 Unicode on the HTML-rendered pages. While the ISO Latin1 encoding worked partially, it only encoded static or pre-rendered content, not dynamic content such as that added through AJAX. I troubleshooted this at various points, changing the collation in the database to be uniform, first as latin1, then as Unicode.

On Creating a Mobile Web

03 Nov 2012

In a world where devices are getting more portable as well as more numerous and have better access to a universal web, the concept of ‘responsive design’ is becoming more attractive every day. Being able to effectively use the same web on a device the size of a credit card, the same as you would on a desktop computer is, I believe, one of the greatest leaps in the internet’s relatively short history. Yet, as much of a logically sound idea responsive design may be, on first hearing of it, it is still stuck with the stigma of being a gimmick. It is abuzz word that is thrown around to attract customers or to show off skills of would-be designers or developers. It is a part of the HTML5 hype that is circling around the opinion-o-sphere that is web-media. However, it really goes, or should go, far, far beyond that. A mobile-friendly web is a must-have in the near future. Mobiles are becoming the primary way we access the net and we simply cannot avoid this trend. Responsive design is not a gimmick or anything like it, it’s a completely necessary, if over-hyped, method of designing the web.

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